We Make Cinematic Dreams …

Ignition Immersive is a full-service cinematic film studio dedicated to narrative storytelling through Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) technologies. Formed in early 2017 by filmmaker Darren Vukasinovic, we produce and develop original and compelling content across a broad range of genres.

Our team are passionate about fusing the use of VR/AR/MR as a storytelling mechanism rather than just an interactive medium, employing over 20 people with expertise in ideation, production, post-production viewer experience, including VFX, spatial sound, camera hardware and engagement software.

Based in South Melbourne, Ignition Immersive is connected to the film industry in Australia and wider APAC regions, leading the emerging field of storytelling through VR/AR/MR with our capabilities and unique stories for audiences.

Art of Fusing Storytelling and Technology

We’ve developed capabilities to film in ways that break conventions of standard 360/VR stationary shooting, use AR/MR to build upon the viewing experience both virtually and physically, fostered relationships with industry leaders such as screenwriter Linda Aronson to embed non-linear and multi plot narrative techniques, and developed techniques to mix 2D, 360, stereoscopic vision and spatial sound in new and unseen ways.

Our collaboration extends to films with industry veterans like Clayton Jacobson, and we use the power of VR/AR/MR technologies to move beyond telling a specific story to the viewer, and construct many stories around the viewer using AR/MR interactions and the panoramic VR space and as our canvas.

People and Industry Development

Passionate about building creative careers in Victoria, we have a demonstrated ability to incubate and accelerate local talent and industry. In particular, we run a highly successful internship opportunities program in conjunction with SAE Institute and JMC Academy, that encourages collaboration, learning and practical experience to foster new and emerging talent working in our studio. For us, each project is an opportunity to further our goal of establishing Melbourne as the epicentre of global VR/AR/MR filmmaking.

We are passionate about industry equality and have an active program targeting 50% female representation in Heads Of and Key Roles in our growing studio and on our films, seeks racial representation that reflects modern Australian demographics, and are putting together a program of work that seeks to include disabled Australians in various roles across film production using these emerging technologies.


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