We partner with agencies and can work seamlessly as a back-of-house function that can provide significant expertise across part, or the entire Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality value chain.


  • Collaborative ideation on delivering commercial outcomes
  • Expert guidance on value proposition, using VR/AR/MR to drive business objectives and improve ROI
  • Delivering optimised viewer experience


  • Dedicated creative and technical teams with full visibility across the VR/AR value chain
  • Single point of expertise for accurate estimates and project management
  • Connectivity across dedicated in-house R&D channels to connect creative vision to technical execution


  • State-of-the-art VR acquisition and film production equipment
  • Dedicated VR/AR production house with expertise across pre>prod>post workflows
  • Development of custom rigs, experimental capture techniques, drone and cable / motorised setups


  • Full in-house capabilities across all key disciplines in VFX, 3D Asset Creation, Spacial Audio, VR Editing + Colouring + Mastering and Unity / Unreal Development
  • Agile methodologies bring creatives and technical expertise together throughout the post-production process

Viewer Experience

  • Dedicated development capabilities for custom mobile or PC/Mac VR/AR apps
  • Curation of custom viewer platforms to empower stories, brands and objectives
  • Extended physical installations (e.g. VR projection domes) and activation points (e.g. AR as triggers for content)


  • Modelling & ROI metrics specific to VR/AR content campaigns
  • Expertise in translating brand values to VR/AR audiences
  • Hotspot technology, advanced viewer analytics and reporting

Research and Development

  • Significant investment into our R&D pipeline
  • Low cost proof of concepts, development of A/B testing, audience testing
  • Proprietary custom rigs, VR/AR capture and viewing solutions

Help Bring Your Project to Life

Whether your project requires end-to-end production, or you need us to support your creative capabilities, we can support your agency or your brand to take your creative ideas and audience engagement to the next level with a kick-ass VR/AR/MR production that connects deeply with your audience and customers. Reach out and tell us your goals and ambitions, as our team of VR/AR/MR creatives, natives, technologist and filmmakers love making cinematic dreams come true. Hit us up using the form below or connect with us directly via social.

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