Celebrating the Spirit of the ANZACS

A soldier on the front lines of WW1 writes his observations of life and death in war in measured tones, but how did these men truly feel in these moments that test and break one’s resolve? Anzac Diaries brings to life the actual moments these diaries were being written, fostering an honest and unflinching re-enactment of their lives, times and perspectives. Carefully curated so as to neither glorify nor damn war but rather honour and celebrate the individual human spirit in the inhumane context of war.

This specially curated VR film series gives audiences an unheralded intimate proximity to the lives of soldier’s in a war fought over 100 years ago – the camaraderie that defines the ANZAC spirit, told through the moments of individuals in times of such unimaginable fear and hope.


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ANZAC Diaries : Ellis Silas - Trailer (2018)

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