The Cardboard Box is a mature VR film. It’s genuinely a film – with a suspenseful, hard-hitting, thought-provoking story about the way a tragic war accident impacts on a range of people, particularly on a soldier, for whom it triggers PTSD. In the spirit of films like Memento and 21 Grams, a number of stories are fractured and interwoven to explain, piece by piece not only what happened to cause the accident, but also and crucially to take us inside the consciousness of a man endlessly reliving a killing he was powerless to avoid.

The Cardboard Box combines the power of brilliant, new generation storytelling with the vast multisensory arsenal of VR to create a new and highly versatile VR film form that genuinely goes beyond what can be achieved in film alone.

This film is currently in production. More information, stills and previews may be found here in the very near future.

For more information on screenwriter Linda Aronson please visit Linda Aronson’s web site.

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