70s Drive-Ins Are Back…

We’re crafting an episodic series of Australian myths, legends and folklore told in a deeply stylised thriller style that will confront you with twisted thoughts, schemes, stories and graphic horror last seen in the unchecked drive-ins of the 70s. Each episode lasts between 10-20 minutes, shot in high resolution stereoscopic VR, employing cinematic camera and classic horror narrative techniques coupled with stunning spatial sound (to hyper-real your experience and scare the s**t out of you, of course).. pairing established horror Writers and Directors with actors who you’re entirely used to seeing in pedestrian TV and web series, but always held a special place for in your (and our) darkest fantasies.

Overall narratives take place from a singular central point, however viewers will have the option at various junctures to jump to other viewpoints whenever characters or story arcs deviate. Watch this space.. if you dare.

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